Legal Services

  • Commissioning safety investigations under legal professional privilege
  • Advising on application of safety laws and related instruments
  • Advising on notices and orders issued by safety regulators
  • Seeking administrative and judicial review of decisions by safety regulators
  • Advising in regulator and union safety investigations
  • Representation in safety prosecutions and coronial inquests
  • Advising on safety consolation, employee actions and union right of entry
  • Designing project specific safety strategies and drafting documentation
  • Drafting and reviewing safety provisions in contacts, deeds and interface agreements

Consulting Services

  • Developing and reviewing safety management systems
  • Drafting safety documentation and software tools
  • Conducting safety and property risk assessments
  • Conducting safety reviews and auditing
  • Designing and implementing safety verification programs
  • Developing and executing safety strategy
  • Conducting safety investigations

Training Services

  • Board and Executive due diligence training
  • Safety Leadership training
  • Training on legal duties
  • Conducting safety risk assessments
  • Critical incident response